The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an upcoming action-adventure game by Nintendo. The game was announced already in 2013 and should have been released on the Nintendo Wii U, but got delayed twice. The lack of sales for the Wii U shifted the release of this game to most likely coincide with the release of the new game console the Nintendo Switch.

This new instalment of the Zelda series moves away from the dungeon or level structured games. Instead it is going to be a large open-world environment where the user can interact with a huge amount of objects. The intention is that the player can go in the game without much explanation and explore freely.

Link can now jump and climb on almost all surfaces. Objects that can be found are weapons and shields, but also things like cloth and food that can be eaten and prepared to restore health.

Breath of the Wild will support Amiibo figurines that can alter gameplay. There will be a Wolf Link Amiibo that summons the Wolf as a partner to help in battle.

The official release date is still not known but there are rumours that this could be a first day release game. Contrary reports indicate that the localization will not be finished in time though, and that a release is planned a couple of months after the planned release in March 2017.



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