Rumour: Rabbids vs Mario as launch title for Nintendo Switch

According to game news website Let’s Play Videogames, Ubisoft and Nintendo are working together on a new turn based RPG that features both the Raving Rabbids and Mario characters.

The game with working title Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids will be one of the launch games games for the Nintendo Switch in March 2017. A playable demo will be ready for press at the January release event of the Nintendo Switch. According to the sources at Let’s Play Videogames the game will include a quicksave system to ensure saving when the battery of the Switch is running low. Another feature for the demo will be a vibrating JoyCons to indicate a Rabbid is jumping at you in the game. Apparantly the game is riddled with Rabbids that will interfere with your gameplay.

This RPG game will focus mainly on the mario universe with special focus on Yoshi and Bowser, but then infested with Ubisoft’s Rabbids characters. Ubisoft is now developing it with Nintendo safeguarding their Mario characters.

We will see what is true of all these rumours at the press event in January.


Below a taste of the Rabbids madness that you can expect.

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